Membership Options

Monthly Unlimited

Our most common membership is monthly unlimited.  The CrossFit prescription for GPP (General Physical Preparedness) is 3 days on/one day off which equals a 6 day a week training schedule.  Frequency is critical to stress adaptation and therefore most members find the best results with a 4-6 day a week training schedule.

Monthly Unlimited Rates     $175/month
Second Family Member        $125/month
Third + Family Member       $100/month
Student Unlimited                $135/month (Full time students only)


For clients involved in competitive sports or who have extremely limited time to train, our 2x/week membership is a viable option.  It is also an option for those new to CrossFit who need more time to adjust to regular physical activity.

Monthly 8x Rate                      $125/mo
Family Members                    + $100/mo
Student 8x/month                   $100/month (Full time students only)
Conditioning and Yoga             $125/month
Additional Family Members      + $100/mo

If this is your first experience with CrossFit, the first six classes will be spent in Group or Private Elements learning the fundamentals of CrossFit movement.

Other Services:

Punch Card                                      10 classes for $175 (NO Expiration!)
Drop-in Fee                                      $25 (out of town drop-ins free for up to one week)
FREE Trial Class                              $0
Group Elements (2+)                        $200 (6 one-hour sessions)
Private Elements                             $300 (6 one-hour sessions on your schedule)
Private Coaching 8 weeks                $1,200 (3 sessions per week incl. Elements)
Private Coaching 12 weeks              $1,200 (2 sessions per week incl. Elements)                         
Personal Training                            $60/hour or a six-pack for $300 
  • All monthly memberships are recurring credit card billing. A $15 reprocessing fee will be charged for any declines. 
  • One discount per membership.
  • Family plans are for immediate family only (couples living together or married and their children under 18)
  • Military/Police/Fire Discount – 10%.  This applies to Active Duty Military, Law Enforcement, and active Firefighters ONLY.
  • Military Dependents, Government Civilians, and Government Contractors are not eligible for MIL/LEO/FF Discount.